The 2022 GMC Acadia Versus the New Ford Explorer

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New 2022 GMC Acadia Near Me

The 2022 GMC Acadia joins the ranks of other modern top-notch, well-to-do SUV crossovers as a high-performing driver, and successfully pits itself against some of the very best—namely the newest iteration of the Ford Explorer. It was only a matter of time until the Acadia began to get its due notoriety for expert performance and features as a crossover vehicle, and now it comes with a cool new look as well.

The GMC Acadia is presently in its second year of production as an SUV crossover, joining the ranks with Buick’s Enclave, Cadillac’s XT5 and XT6, plus Chevy’s Blazer and Traverse models. But its biggest rival is the Ford Explorer. Both the Acadia and the Explorer are popular among families, large and small, and both offer plenty of punch and swagger at an affordable price. But which is the better choice? Let’s take a close look at both in order to find out which SUV/crossover comes out on top.


Similarities & Differences

The 2022 Acadia and the 2022 Ford Explorer are similar vehicles, but since they are made by different American car companies, certain aspects are favored over overs in terms of production, capability, etc. Often, when attempting to choose between two similar vehicles, the determining factor comes down to style, comfort, and convenience to name a few.

Comfort: Both vehicles offer roughly the same amount of room in the rear seating—plenty of headspace and area to stretch and get comfortable. In the front, the Explorer has a little more head and legroom, but both offer maximum comfort with plush seating for all passengers in every trim level.

Convenience: The all-new Acadia and new Explorer offer tons of features to make things more convenient: keyless entry, remote start, seat warmers, touchless calling and texting, and the list goes on and on. One thing to note is that the 2022 Acadia does offer better gas mileage than the 2022 Explorer—more specifics on this a little later.

Cost: The price of either of these vehicles can fluctuate quite a bit dependent on the trim level, extra features, etc. you choose. With that in mind, the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $33,745 for the 2022 Explorer and $34,800 for the 2022 Acadia, so clearly both rest in the same price range.

Dimensions: The Explorer is a bit wider in stature than the Acadia, which means the former eats up more of the road and makes parking in tighter spots difficult. Not to imply the Acadia is small, it’s definitely a full-bodied crossover—but it is a little easier to navigate, especially in the city, than the Explorer.

Performance: Though the 2022 Explorer has slightly more power under the hood, we find that the Acadia is a bit smoother in the ride. Both pack a punch and offer a clean driving experience, but in this area of performance, each differs a bit.

Powertrain: A part of the reason the Explorer has more power is due to its low torque; however, this means it’s a bit slower off the line and a little less zippy than the Acadia. GMC went with a higher torque than Ford and this could be the reason for such a smooth, snappy ride.

Utility: Both the Acadia and the Explorer comfortably seat seven adults. This leaves plenty of room for everyone to feel like they aren’t shoved into a seat, elbow-to-elbow with another passenger. In the very back, the Explorer does have a slightly larger cargo area, which is nice when it comes time for traveling or grocery shopping.


Getting Down to the Specifics

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basic similarities, let’s get into the details. Here are a few of the important categories that make the Acadia and Explorer stand out:

As stated earlier, the Explorer comes with more power due to its 300.0-hp, 2.3-liter, 4 cylinder engine (gasoline fueled). However, the Acadia’s 228.0-hp, 2.0-liter, 4 cylinder engine (gasoline fueled) is not far behind.

Gas Mileage
Notice that both vehicles come with powerful 4 cylinder engines, which means they will save you some money at the pump—a necessity these days. The Acadia’s combined MPG is 25 while the Explorer’s combined MPG is slightly lower at 24.

The 2022 Ford Explorer uses rear-wheel drive, while the 2022 Acadia uses front-wheel drive. Both offer 4-wheel drive as well, but it is good to know what you will be using when out of 4-wheel. Rear-wheel can offer more power and front-wheel drive can offer more control. Which matters more to you?

Exterior Color Options
The Acadia comes with six color choices: Satin Steel Metallic; Infrared Tintcoat; Summit White; Blue Metallic; Mineral Gray Metallic; and Ebony Twilight Metallic.

The Explorer offers six choices as well: Forged Green; Iconic Silver Metallic; Light Blue Metallic; Cobalt Blue; Oxford White; and Agate Black.

Interior Color Options
The new Explorer comes in only one interior color: the classic Sandstone. The new Acadia, on the other hand, comes with two options: Cocoa/Light Ash Gray and Ebony.

*It’s also worth noting that the Acadia uses a Five-Link suspension, versus the Explorer’s Multi-Link. Also, the Acadia has a larger fuel tank at 19 gallons, compared to the Explorer’s 17.9-gallon tank.


The 2022 GMC Acadia

Choosing between the Acadia and the Explorer is not an easy choice. But, with more aesthetic features, a smoother ride, and a slighter more compact size, the Acadia makes its way to the forefront for us.

The 2022 GMC Acadia is already turning heads and impressing car reviewers with its multiple trim levels. The SLE-1, SLE-2, SLT-1, SLT-2, and the Denali trims are all packed with incredible features and capabilities. But what are the main differences between these levels? Here is a comparison of them all, highlighting what makes them unique.

The SLE-1 and SLE-2 are the base level trims. But that is not to say they are basic in any way. Features that come standard with both include keyless open and start, automatic climate control, a color touchscreen with IntelliLink, a rearview camera, all-wheel drive, a 4-cylinder engine, and daytime running lights. The SLE-2 also has an available eight-speaker Bose sound system, a driver alert package, an optional V-6 engine, and a 2-panel power sunroof.

Moving upwards to the SLT-1 model, many of the add-on features for the SLE-1 and 2 come standard. The sound system, alert package, and V-6 engine all come with the SLT-1. It also comes with more safety options, such as rear cross-traffic alert, rear park assist, and side blind zone alert. The Price for the SLT-1 is a little over $4,000 more, but for what this price includes, it is worth it.

The biggest difference between the SLT-1 and the SLT-2 is safety. The SLT-2 comes with more options, like front pedestrian braking, lane keep assist, front and rear park assist, forward collision alert, and following distance indicator.

There are also a few features that come standard with the SLT-2 that do not with the SLT-1. These are a 3.6 ratio axle chassis, a 170-amp alternator, a heavy-duty cooling system, dual-outlet exhaust, and a trailering package.

Finally, to the venerated Denali. This is the 2022 GMC Acadia’s top trim level, and what it includes that the other levels do not are an 8” color touchscreen with IntelliLink and navigation, and a standard listing of all the safety features, except for rear park assist. It also comes standard with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated rear seats, and IntelliBeam headlights.

The best thing about the 2022 GMC Acadia is that Liberty Buick GMC has all five trim levels waiting for you to test out. Come on by and find the style of GMC Acadia that is best for you.


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