Liberty Buick-GMC: A Reason to Get Stuck in Charlotte Traffic

October 14th, 2019 by


If you have to spend endless hours in Charlotte traffic, it might as well be in a luxury Buick—hey, you might end up finding the standstill bearable, maybe even an enjoyable escape from the grind.


It’s no secret the traffic in and around Charlotte is intensifying, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it. Sure, nobody likes sitting in a line and watching stoplights going from green to red over and over again. Getting caught in continual traffic congestion is reason enough to move up in levels of comfort, aesthetic, and technology. At Liberty Buick-GMC, we have the next level of luxury you are looking for.

For instance, imagine driving down Independence Blvd. during five-o’clock traffic when you come to a complete stop with nothing but brake lights in your immediate future. The normal reaction is to be frustrated and a bit stressed, but not today. Today you are driving the 2020 Buick Enclave, which sports new and improved performance, a fresh new look, and high levels of luxury.

This luxurious SUV comes with Buick’s next generation of infotainment: an 8-inch diagonal touchscreen that offers connected navigation and Sirius XM with 360L (a system that combines satellite and streaming in order to offer more channels and content to all passengers), plus much more to keep you occupied while sitting in traffic.

Plus there’s the HD Rear Vision Camera and HD Surround Vision Systems to keep you alert at all times on the situation around you.

And for those extra congested times, the new Enclave has a four-way power lumbar seat adjuster that offers both driver and passenger back massages. Now this is a reason to get stuck in traffic.


Traffic may be getting intense here in Charlotte, but at Liberty Buick-GMC we have found the best way to bypass it all: by joining it in with a luxury vehicle and enjoying every relaxing minute of it. Bring on the traffic!