Buick Set Its Sights on High-End Luxury

June 13th, 2019 by

High-End Luxury

The new trim level for Buick, the Avenir line, offers an exciting and fresh look to the LaCrosse, Enclave, and Regal. Similarly to how GMC tricked out its high-end vehicles in the Denali trim level, Buick is now taking us to new levels of luxury. Here at Liberty Buick GMC, we want to take a good, long look at what the Avenir offers.

So what, exactly, does the Avenir line of trim levels give us? And what kind of cost will put you behind the wheel of one of the Avenir line of Buicks?

This high-end trim level means a unique, upscale look to the vehicle, as well as, loading it with features only available within the Avenir line. It’s a step-up from the Premier package of trim details available across the Buick family. It adds some jazz and some sleek upscale feels to what Buick has happening in the cabin and outside it.

Buick presents the Avenir line as the “highest expression of Buick luxury, offering unique style cues.” We like the sound of that description, so let’s have a look this month at what the Avenir is, and what it offers prospective buyers.


The Enclave

The Enclave has become a flagship Crossover SUV for the Buick family, so upgrading the trim levels only means more of that signature Buick look and feel. And, with a 3.6-liter V6 Engine, sporting 310 horsepower and 266 lb-ft torque, the Enclave is truly one of the most powerful Crossover SUVs in its class. It has nine-speed automatic transmission, to boot. And, with its size, the Enclave offers one of the roomiest rides along with significant cargo space.

As Buick describes it, the “Enclave Avenir elevates your SUV experience with its captivating exterior styling, soothing interior refinements and suite of intuitive standard amenities.”

The Enclave is definitely worth a hard look when considering your next purchase. It is stylish, sleek, and has a generous interior that gives it some of its best-selling features. And with the new Avenir trim levels, especially when it comes to its technology upgrades, you cannot go wrong in your choice here.


Exterior Upgrades

  • A 3-d mesh grille with chrome wings
  • 20-inch, six-spoke wheels in a pearl nickel finish
  • Five exterior colors to choose from—only available with the premium line
  • The Avenir line’s script badges on both front fenders

We think these new looks to the exterior of the Enclave really set it apart. Replacing that vertical chrome grille with the black mesh one truly makes a new statement for Buick. With sleeker taillights and twin exhaust, the rear of the Enclave has a sleek and refined look. This crossover’s attractive look will definitely turn some eyes as you roll along the metro Charlotte region.


Interior UpgradesHigh-End Luxury

  • A chestnut interior that comes with Ebony piping on seats, including contrasting stitching
  • Embroidered headrests on the front seats
  • Wood-accented steering wheel
  • Avenir floormats and Avenir-scripted sill plates on all doors

The three-row Enclave offers you spaciousness, good cargo space, and a roomy feel. The wood accents give the cabin a posh, exclusive feel. That look, paired with the chestnut brown leather seats (they are crafted with hand-stitching and offer lumbar support) makes for a great contrast of tones. Brown, black, and beige hues add up to a life-of-luxury experience in the cabin. It’s not just a good look, it’s a good experience which the Avenir trim levels give you. The wood accents are unique to the Avenir line, recalling the vintage days when upscale, classy cars embodied their luxury in wood trimming.


Technology Upgrades

  • Driver information center with an 8-inch diagonal screen
  • Standard Buick Infotainment System with Navigation and a Color Touch Screen (8-inch diagonal)
  • Wireless charging station (standard only on Avenir line)
  • Rear mirror camera (standard only on Avenir line)
  • Surround vision (standard only on Avenir line)
  • Power dual moonroof with a rear fixed skylight (standard only on Avenir line)

The genius of Buick is to give you two different screens, each with their own set of apps and information. The driver’s screen gives you all the details about your driving metrics, making for easy access to a host of data. The Infotainment screen is your primary center for interactions with your smart devices, as well as navigation, radio, camera view, climate control, and more. The Infotainment center is ready for both CarPlay and Android Auto, so you’re covered there. By jazzing up both of these screens, the Avenir line delivers on the promise of a technologically savvy experience behind the wheel.

We especially love the wireless charging station, which lets your Qi-enabled smart devices to charge without any pesky cords getting in the way. Like any charging mat, you simply lay your Qi-enabled device on the charging station and it powers up. Brilliant!

And don’t forget to take note of the USB ports in the second row of seats, in the cabin, along with its own climate control console. More devices can be charged and your backseat passengers can set their own comfort levels. And the third row isn’t left out: USB ports can be found there too. And—we think this is useful for any tailgate party—the second row has a 110-volt outlet. Mini-fridge, anyone?

Lastly, we really love the rear mirror camera, as well as, the surround vision, both of which enhance the safety features of the Buick Avenir line of vehicles. The more safety features, the better—because as we spend more and more time in our cars, on the highways, we need more and more reliable safety features and assets to ensure we have the safest possible ride. And, to boot, who wouldn’t like a power dual moonroof with a fixed skylight?


Avenir Technology Package (for an extra $2,095)

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Forward Automatic Braking
  • Upper active aero shutters
  • Real-time damping suspension (adjusts damping forces every two milliseconds)

This is where we would have liked to see Buick make standard the features found in the Technology Package. Though they did not, the option available to you delivers on a few extra, but highly convenient, add-ons that will make your driving experience all the smoother and better. We especially love the forward automatic braking, for obvious safety reasons, as well as the adaptive cruise control which, as the name says, adapts to your driving style and needs.



The MSRP starts at about $57,155 but Liberty Buick GMC has some great deals on the Enclave with Avenir trim, starting at $46,781 and topping out at $47,413. Those prices include purchase allowance, select market bonus cash, and could include GM Loyalty Purchase Cash (if you qualify). You will not find a lower price anywhere but at Liberty Buick GMC.


The Regal

Buick’s Regal Sportback also got the upgraded, exclusive Avenir trim treatment. The four-door Sportback, with front-wheel drive, is the only Regal that will get the Avenir trim level. Its powertrain sports a 2.0-liter turbocharged, four-cylinder engine that has the heft of 250 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, running a nine-speed automatic transmission. That’s some power!

The three-dimensional grille, with mesh look on the upper grille, sets off the signature Avenir look. The Regal, too, has those beautiful 19-inch wheels in a Pearl Nickel finish. Trimmed out with LED headlights and cornering lamps, the Regal Avenir has a finished, smooth look to its exterior. Also, the driver’s side-mirror features an auto-dimming mechanism.

The best and latest of Buick’s technological features figure prominently in the interior. With an eight-inch infotainment system, you have access to navigation, and cloud connectivity (for software updates). The Regal offers a wireless charging pad for smart devices, as well as, eight-speaker Bose stereo system, giving you only the best sound for all of your cruising tunes. And, if you have more than one Buick Avenir vehicle, you can sync your preferences across the models, to create a seamless driving experience in any car you drive.

With Whisper Beige leather and Ebony accents as the signature look to the cabin, you won’t be confused at all—you will know this is a luxury sedan you are in! And this leather-accent cabin look is exclusively available only on the Avenir line. Like the Enclave and the LaCrosse, the seats feature diamond-quilted sections with contrasting stitching and Ebony piping, along with the Avenir embroidered badge on the front row headrests. The sill plates also carry the Avenir logo.

The Regal Avenir offers an assistance suite that will ensure a smooth, pleasurable ride—and this comes standard. That suite includes rear parking assist, rear cross traffic alert, lane change alert, and blind zone alert. These safety features come standard on the Buick Regal Avenir, and you can add adaptive cruise control as part of the optional extra technology package.

Buck reminds us: “Merging turbocharged performance and elevating style, the First-Ever Regal Avenir affirms its status as a true luxury performance sedan.”


The LaCrosse

The LaCrosse offers a stunning experience—the Avenir experience. Outside, you are looking at upper and lower grilles that have an exclusive mesh look. This spruces up the feel of the LaCrosse quite a bit. It sits on 19-inch Pearl Nickel alloy wheels, but you can take those up a notch to the larger 20-inch that comes in a Midnight Silver finish.

Inside the LaCrosse Avenir’s posh cabin means casting your gaze on the Chestnut look exclusive only to the Avenir line. The wood trimming and accents, including on the steering wheel, give the  High-End LuxuryLaCrosse a refined look. Want Ebony trimming in the interior, instead of Chestnut? Buick gives you that option, too. And the embroidered headrests say “luxury” in this upgraded sedan’s cabin. And Buick sets a flourish on the headrests of the front row, with the Avenir logo, and adorns the same logo on the sill plates. This is no standard LaCrosse.

The LaCrosse Avenir will come with available all-wheel drive, the Dynamic Drive Package, and loads of safety features. Some of those standard features include rear parking assist, rear cross traffic alert, lane change alert, and blind zone alert. Also available, as part of the extra technology package, is adaptive cruise control.

Presenting the LaCrosse on their Avenir webpage, Buick says of it: “Precise craftsmanship is reflected in every inch of LaCrosse Avenir, from its signature 3-dimensional mesh grille to its perforated leather-appointed seating.” It has a lot going on both under the hood and in the cabin!


Why not?

We think the best way to think about the Avenir is to come out and have a look at what it’s got going on. Test-drive it to get the whole Avenir experience. Jump into the cabin and feel the leather, see the intricate details (the piping, the contrasting hand-stitching) and run your hands along the wood details that make the Buick Avenir better than the others.

The Avenir line offers an excellent experience: comfort, smoothness, and sleek design add up to a luxurious experience that is not to be missed. When you think Avenir, think luxury, think experience, think finesse. It’s a luxury line that is worthy of the Buick heritage and is, truly, its crown jewel of design.